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Canvas Printing 101 | Basics of Printing your Images on Canvas

Do you have a special memory that you want to keep for life, such as a wedding photo, your child's birth, or you receiving a prize on stage? Canvas prints are a classic and elegant way of displaying your photos and retaining your memories. Canvas prints look so much better than the regular prints, as they give a 3D "pop-up" feel that makes your pictures look even more realistic.

Canvas prints are printed on high quality thick canvas which are 100% cotton and archival inks are used to print the image. We use a 12-ink large format printer, which produces the widest gamut of colours currently in the industry. After the canvas has been stretched, we will spray a coat of laminate for extra protection from UV rays and protects your print against dust and water, ensuring a canvas print that is museum quality.

And by museum quality, we do mean museum quality. The prints are durable and can be displayed at any place in the house.

You go into the store, and see over 20 sizes of your canvas, and you cannot decide which to buy. Fear not! Different sizes suit different environments. For bedrooms, a large landscape canvas above the bed frame would really make the room look picturesque. Whereas, for the living room, a small, less conspicuous canvas might enhance the atmosphere without taking up too much space. For display in even smaller spaces, we have 20 x 20 cm canvases that will suit your needs perfectly! Our sizes range from 20 x 20 cm all the way to 90 x 120 cm, so it's up to you to pick and choose.

Features of canvas prints:

  • Frameless
  • Durable (Can last up to 75+ years)
  • Great ink quality
  • No need for glass cover
  • Scratch Resistant, UV Resistant, Dust and Water Resistant
  • 3D Popup Effect

Advantages of Canvas Print

1. Durable

    Rated up to 75+ years, our canvas prints will last a lifetime, allowing you to keep your memories forever. They are also resistant to the elements because of the laminate we apply on them.

    2. Beautiful

    Canvas prints are one of a kind. They look so realistic, artistic and majestic, so that every second that you spend looking at them is a second well spent.

    3. Versatile

    Since Canvas prints come without a frame, they are suitable for any setting. They adapt to the room's atmosphere and will create a new feel in the room. You can even print a few canvas prints and join them together to create a huge separated photo, that adds an extremely artistic impression.

    So, what are you waiting for? Keep your precious memories for life and purchase a canvas print today.