Wood Prints

Wood Type

2 wood types at your fingertips

At Serious Prints, we want to give you guys the option to choose the wood type.

1 - Premium Birch (up to 30x30cm)
2 - Straight Grain




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Wood Grain

Beautiful wood grain 

Each wood print is unique and have it's own grain characteristics. The lighter the colour of your picture, the more it highlights the grain of the wood. Now you can choose the wood grain you prefer.

1 - Premium Birch
2 - Straight Grain



As thick as 6mm

  Durable wood designed to last

Both our wood types are durable and designed to last - as thick as 6mm and 9mm.
1 - Premium Birch (6mm)
2 - Straight Grain (9mm)



Ready to hang (Wood)

Ready to hang

All our wood prints have different types of mounting available: Wood Stand, mounting block and aluminium mount.